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    Title Super Wings Theme World culture experience animation
    Target age Preschool 3 ~ 6 Format Full 3D CGI (HD)
    Duration S1: 52eps x 11mins / S2: 52eps x 11mins / S3: 40eps x 11mins / S4: 40eps x 11mins / S5: 40eps x 11mins / S6 : 38eps x 11mins, 22mins x 2eps
  • Why don’t you fly the friendly skies with the Super Wings team?
    The Global heroes, who always deliver!

    Featuring ‘JETT’ the fastest delivery plane to travel the world delivering packages to children in every country.
    JETT and the Super Wings experience diverse cultures and solve the problems for the recipients in ingenious ways.

    <Super Wings> took to the skies in 2014 in Korea and traveled the globe to be viewed in over 96 countries. China, America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil and more.
    In 2018 it passed over 20 billion VOD views in China ranking No. 4 for Kids-brand preferences. Super Wing's soars into the hearts and minds of young viewers.

  • Reaching for the skies, with Super Wings!

    JETT and the Super Wings live with Sky, the traffic controller and a great support team in the wonderful World Airport.
    As a package delivery plane, ‘JETT’ delivers ‘hopes’ and ‘dreams’ to children from different cultures.

    JETT and the Super Wings work together to solve the many problems they come across to make sure the dreams of children come true.
    They climb the highest mountains, dive into the deepest seas and sometimes adventures can even take them as far as space! It’s fly time.