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    Title Katuri Theme Nature, Exploration, Growth
    Target age Preschool 3 - 6 Format Full 3D CGI (HD)
    Duration S1: 52eps x 5mins / S2: 52eps x 5mins / S3: 52eps x 7mins / S4: 52eps x 7mins
  • Let’s stay true to nature with Katuri!

    <Katuri>a warm, caring show motivated by the original book by Mr. KWON Jung Saeng who also wrote <Puppy Poo>, <Sister Mongsil>. Famous children’s books in Korea.
    The stories feature Mother Katuri and her four chicklings, who grow up in nature discovering a deeper understanding of the forest valley and the animals that inhabit it.

    <Katuri> first aired in Korea on EBS in 2016, since then the series has flourished in 15 countries with 24 broadcasters lining up to share this natural delight with children around the globe.
    Four months after launching in China, The VOD sales accumulated over 2 billion views with fans flocking to see more.

  • KATURI, They’re always a happy family!

    Cute and timid Bobby,
    Confident and loveable Duri,
    Mischievous and spontaneous Jack,
    Naive and innocent Chip,
    Wise and open-minded Mom.
    Four chicklings explore nature’s forest playground where they discover new animal and insect friends.

    Exciting opportunities, amusing events, and joyful times with a Mom who shows her chicks a deeper understanding of the wonders of nature.
    Let’s all visit the forest where the Katuri family live!