Fun flows through us, FunnyFlux

Fun flows through us, FunnyFlux

FunnyFlux was established in 2008 our show <Tickey Toc> was the first show from Asia to be globally distributed by Nickelodeon.

In 2014, we reached for the sky’s again with <Super Wings> which took off internationally with channels like Universal Kids, KiKA, and Cartoonito Italy.
One year later, it ranked in China’s top 5 Kid-brand content, and in 2016 it was nominated for International Emmy Award in the preschool section.

Also in 2016 <Katuri> received the President’s ‘Korea Contents Awards’ after broadcasting on EBS. While in China, after only four months of broadcasting, VOD views had passed 2 billion. Since then <Katuri> has flourished in 15 countries with 24 broadcasters and we have more in the lineup.

FunnyFlux rides on top of the animation wave of continual change by understanding market trends to develop outstanding contents that for a global audience. We will continuously make high-quality creative animations to build our own unique and long-lasting brands.


The fusion of fun for everyone!


FunnyFlux is a creative animation studio challenging the global market with dreams and passion

  • Imagination
    & Creativity
  • Valued
  • Originality
    & Quality
  • Evergreen
    & Brands

Our passion for creation drives our ability to develop innovative storytelling.

FunnyFlux loves making animations that are enjoyed and valued by a new generation.

FunnyFlux continually develops techniques to ensure the highest quality of CG shows in the global market.

FunnyFlux will become its own brand that will be remembered and loved for a long time.