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    Title Tickety Toc Theme Adventure / Comedy / Awareness
    Target age Preschool 3 ~ 6 Format Full 3D CGI (HD)
    Duration S1: 52eps x 11mins / S2: 26eps x 11mins
  • Have you ever imagined a world inside a clock where you always have to be on time?

    Chime timers Tommy and Tallulah are the stars of their own exciting adventures in Tickety Town!
    Each hour they solve problems with their remarkable friends before it gets to chime time.

    In 2012 <Tickety Toc> has been broadcasted in 170 countries on the famous children’s channel Nickelodeon Junior.
    It ranked No.1 in the TV ratings in US, Canada, England, Australia. The success of our first show proved that FunnyFlux develops global contents.

  • Tick-toc tick-toc. Time for ‘Tickety Toc’.

    Tick-toc tick-toc. Time for ‘Tickety Toc’

    An ordinary wall clock in a clock shop has a special secret,
    Instead of cogs and springs inside, there is a colorful and fantastic Tickety Town!
    Tickety Town is full of funny and exciting adventures, with events that are both great and small.

    Tommy and Tallulah, the chime timers must ring in every hour, so it’s up to them to find solutions for their clock town friends before the next chime time.
    If you can’t wait until the next exciting event, then…

    It’s time to watch ‘Tickety Toc’!